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Game catalogue

We have collected a catalogue of 50+ practice games for all learning goals, clubs, distances and practice areas. Mix it up, pick a game, read the instructions and get going!

You can even create your own challenge or game!

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Activity log

Ditch the pen and notepad! With the activity log and timeline you can quickly see WHAT and HOW your practice sessions went - so you can pick up where you left it.

Oh and you can see it all in one fancy timeline!

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Scoring and badges

Make sure your (little?) time at the driving range and on the putting green counts! Our scoring systems show you how you are progressing and what you can focus on at your next session

Unlocking progression badges will get you hooked (we hope!)

Catalogue of practice games. Mix it up.

Access a ton of warm up drills, games and challenges from around the internet. You can create your own and share with your fellow golfers. Quickly search by practice area, club, learning goal, distance, shot type and more.

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Activity log. Keep track.

Never struggle to remember what you did at the last practice session every again. Log your sessions, goals and results, games and challenges! See it all in fancy timeline to give you the warm fuzzy feeling that you are doing more than mindelessely hitting balls.

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Score and progression badges. Get better.

If you are anything like us, there is nothing like a game within a game within a game to keep you coming back for more! You can keep score of your practice games to challenge yourself to get better and see how you progress AND at the same time, you will unlock some cool progression badges as you hit the range and upgrade the way you practice.

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Mobile friendly! Boom.

It would not make sense to take your laptop to the range would it now? Our site is mobile friendly and optimised for mobile access. We are also working on a dedicated mobile app so hit us up for more details on this.

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We would love to hear from you with questions or suggestions and we respond to every email (not boring ones)